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AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Complete Video Course

Video Description

7 Hours of Video Instruction

Seven hours of video instruction covering the fundamentals of cloud computing; AWS core services such as Amazon EC2, Amazon RDS, and Amazon S3; security; architecture design principles; best practices; and cost management.

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Complete Video Course is a video product designed to help viewers understand Amazon Web Services at a high level, introduce cloud computing concepts, and key AWS services, and prepare them for the exam according to the certification exam guide published by Amazon Web Services.

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Complete Video Course provides seven hours of instruction. The videos contain slides, audio descriptions, and video captures. Demonstrations of Amazon Web Services and third-party cloud solutions are included to provide a clear guide to understanding the services offered by Amazon Web Services and the needs those services meet.

Topics include:
  • Cloud Practitioner Certification
  • Fundamental Concepts
  • Fundamentals
  • Basic Core Services
  • Advanced Core Services
  • Other Services
  • Security in AWS
  • Service Pricing
  • Cost Management

Learn How To

  • Includes seven hours of video presentation
  • Provides clear, in-depth explanations and demos
  • Provides an understanding across numerous services, principles, and cost management
  • Offers insights and hints to study for the Cloud Practitioner certification exam

Who Should Take This Course

The target audience for AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Complete Video Course are individuals currently working in roles such as sales, project management, or at the executive level. These individuals will typically be involved in decision making where the use of Amazon Web Services is concerned and need to engage in intelligent, informed dialogue but not necessarily be involved with the more technical discussions or hands-on implementation as might be relevant to other certifications.

Course Requirements

There are no requirements for this course

Lesson descriptions

Lesson 1: Cloud Practitioner Certification. In this lesson, the requirements will be reviewed, along with the exam itself, the experience of taking the exam, and some resources for further study and preparation.

Lesson 2: Fundamental Concepts. In Lesson 2, an introduction to cloud computing will be provided, along with a review of business needs, and a discussion of how Amazon Web Services helps address those needs.

Lesson 3: Fundamentals. In this lesson, the fundamentals of the AWS global infrastructure will be covered, and guidelines that help teams make good architectural decisions are reviewed.

Lesson 4: Basic Core Services. Any exam will require knowledge of the core AWS services. For the certified cloud practitioner exam, the basics of the core services will be covered, without getting too deep into technical details. Networking with Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), Amazon EC2, block storage with Amazon EBS, and object storage with Amazon S3 will be reviewed.

Lesson 5: Advanced Core Services. In this lesson, building on the basic services, we advance into things like instrumentation, scalability, content delivery, and serverless computing. Various database technologies, and more use cases will also be discussed.

Lesson 6: Other Services. Amazon Web Services is a very extensive collection of features and services for any use case you can imagine. In this lesson, a few more key services regarding automation and security will be discussed.

Lesson 7: Security in AWS. In this lesson, the shared responsibility model, identity and access management, and key services and concepts in managing your AWS accounts and credentials will be reviewed. Assurance programs like PCI and HIPAA, and a use case to help clarify which services solve which aspects of security, are provided.

Lesson 8: Service Pricing. When planning an application in the cloud, it’s more important to be aware of the details in how your choices will affect your bill. In this lesson, the pricing structures of various services for computing, databases, and storage will be explained.

Lesson 9: Cost Management. In this lesson, ways to predict costs for future applications, and review the costs of existing applications will be reviewed. The AWS calculators, tools for analyzing our monthly bill, and review AWS support plans are covered.

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Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
    1. AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Complete Video Course: Introduction 00:02:06
  2. Module 1: Cloud Concepts
    1. Module 1: introduction 00:00:20
  3. Lesson 1: Cloud Practitioner Certification
    1. Learning objectives 00:00:24
    2. 1.1 Overview 00:02:56
    3. 1.2 Exam Preparation Resources 00:02:59
    4. 1.3 Taking the Exam 00:06:23
    5. 1.4 Documentation and Study Material 00:04:44
  4. Lesson 2: Fundamental Concepts
    1. Learning objectives 00:00:29
    2. 2.1 Introduction to Cloud Computing 00:06:57
    3. 2.2 Business Needs and Cloud Solutions 00:12:18
    4. 2.3 Overview of Amazon Web Services 00:02:24
    5. 2.4 AWS Cloud Value Proposition 00:09:48
  5. Module 2: Technology
    1. Module 2: introduction 00:00:34
  6. Lesson 3: Fundamentals
    1. Learning objectives 00:00:26
    2. 3.1 AWS Global Infrastructure 00:07:45
    3. 3.2 Demo: AWS Management Console 00:07:48
  7. Lesson 4: Basic Core Services
    1. Learning objectives 00:00:32
    2. 4.1 Setting the Stage 00:05:53
    3. 4.2 Networking with Amazon VPC 00:09:58
    4. 4.3 Routing and Firewalls 00:08:03
    5. 4.4 DNS, VPN, and Direct Connect 00:07:04
    6. 4.5 Use Case: Network Security 00:06:49
    7. 4.6 Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) Part 1 00:09:08
    8. 4.7 Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) Part 2 00:08:07
    9. 4.8 Demo: Launching an EC2 Instance 00:14:54
    10. 4.9 Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS) 00:09:46
    11. 4.10 Elastic Load Balancing 00:09:57
    12. 4.11 Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) 00:06:15
    13. 4.12 Demo: Using Amazon S3 00:10:09
  8. Lesson 5: Advanced Core Services
    1. Learning objectives 00:00:20
    2. 5.1 Advancing the Stage 00:07:10
    3. 5.2 Amazon CloudWatch 00:13:49
    4. 5.3 AWS Auto Scaling 00:07:44
    5. 5.4 Amazon CloudFront 00:05:07
    6. 5.5 AWS Lambda 00:06:16
    7. 5.6 Demo: Creating and Invoking AWS Lambda Functions 00:12:41
    8. 5.7 Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) 00:13:09
    9. 5.8 Amazon DynamoDB 00:10:22
    10. 5.9 Amazon Glacier 00:03:51
    11. 5.10 Amazon Redshift 00:03:06
    12. 5.11 Use Case: E-Commerce 00:06:48
  9. Lesson 6: Other Services
    1. Learning objectives 00:00:25
    2. 6.1 Importance of Automation 00:07:35
    3. 6.2 AWS Elastic Beanstalk 00:03:30
    4. 6.3 AWS CloudFormation 00:08:59
    5. 6.4 AWS WAF 00:03:07
    6. 6.5 AWS Shield 00:01:56
  10. Module 3: Security
    1. Module 3: introduction 00:00:24
  11. Lesson 7: Security in AWS
    1. Learning objectives 00:00:28
    2. 7.1 The Shared Responsibility Model 00:07:32
    3. 7.2 Identity and Access Management (IAM) Part 1 00:11:10
    4. 7.3 Identity and Access Management (IAM) Part 2 00:08:46
    5. 7.4 Demo: Managing Users, Groups, and Roles 00:12:08
    6. 7.5 AWS Organizations 00:06:42
    7. 7.6 AWS Assurance Programs 00:06:40
    8. 7.7 Key Services for Auditing and Compliance 00:08:50
    9. 7.8 Use Case: PCI DSS Regulated Workload 00:06:46
    10. 7.9 Vulnerability and Penetration Testing 00:02:43
  12. Module 4: Billing and Pricing
    1. Module 4: introduction 00:00:26
  13. Lesson 8: Service Pricing
    1. Learning objectives 00:00:34
    2. 8.1 Compute Pricing Part 1 00:06:46
    3. 8.2 Compute Pricing Part 2 00:09:39
    4. 8.3 Database Pricing 00:03:17
    5. 8.4 Storage Pricing 00:05:14
  14. Lesson 9: Cost Management
    1. Learning objectives 00:00:22
    2. 9.1 AWS Calculators 00:11:34
    3. 9.2 Cost Management Tools 00:03:48
    4. 9.3 AWS Trusted Advisor 00:06:04
    5. 9.4 AWS Support 00:04:07
  15. Summary
    1. Summary 00:01:43