Sunburn Goa 2015 | Camping
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Welcome to the world of Campout, a vibrant town welcoming campers after a euphoric day at Sunburn Goa. Its more than a festival campsite. Campout would have a 24×7 marketplace with multiple shops, a dedicated bar, various experience zones and activities, exclusive parties and much more. The objective of Campout is to keep its campers immersed in the same atmosphere that symbolizes Sunburn Goa for the entire duration of the camper’s stay.


Post check in and registration, all the campers will be housed in different segments. Each segment will be assigned a distinct color which will aid the campers in distinguishing between tents.


Offers the ultimate camping experience while ensuring all your basic necessities are looked after! These tents are available on twin sharing basis and can accommodate a maximum of 2 people. You must pay for a minimum of 2 people for this option. Classic tent packages include:

  • Access to Sunville and all included facilities
  • Classic Tent Rental
  • 2 Carry Mats
  • 2 Sleeping Bags


They are similar to Classic Tents but are larger and can accommodate groups of four. The maximum capacity of Club Tents is 4 people only. You must pay for a minimum of 4 people for this option. Club Tent Packages include:

  • Access to Sunville and all included facilities
  • Club Tent Rental
  • 4 Carry Mats
  • 4 Sleeping Bags



Travel Desk
A one stop shop where the campers can get information on things to do around the festival, places to visit etc. There would also be special deals available to the campers for various activities in Goa

There would be a 24×7 Marketplace selling various food & beverage items, items required for daily use and a dedicated bar only for campers

Free Access to Afterparties
All campers would enjoy free access to select after parties

Other Activities
Yoga and aerobics, bonfire, multiple workshops, jam sessions, Beer Pong, Twister, Human Bowling etc. would be conducted